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Pierce College, LACCD
Woodland Hills, California

In response to the rapid changes in Automotive Technology, Pierce College is expanding its Green Technology District with the addition of a state-of-the-art Automotive Technology building and retrofit of the existing Automotive Facility. The College selected a winning design in an invited competition funded through Measure J bonds.

The goal of the Concept Design is to implement the Campus Master Plan and to create a pedestrian-centered Mall as the focus of the Technology District. This new pedestrian Mall connects remote parking lots to the new Automotive Tech Buildings, the future Green Technology Building and the existing campus Academic Mall. The north-south pedestrian Mall reclaims a vehicular street and extends an existing east-west pedestrian walk to link with the Academic Mall. In addition to improving campus wide circulation, the pedestrian Mall is the main socializing space for Automotive Technology students.

Field dug California Oaks line the Mall, achieving Campus Master Plan requirements for 50% shade cover. Plant material was carefully selected for low water use, minimal maintenance and seasonal interest while meeting irrigation code AB 1881 requirements. The sustainability goal of the project is to achieve LEED Gold level.

WHITIN DESIGN WORKS worked within a project team using the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process for building and site design. The project is on hold due to changes in the state of California budget.