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Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, California

The newly replanted Alumni Mall reestablishes the Mall as the heart of the campus and reinforces views of the Campus Chapel and mountains to the north. The first phase of the Mall renovation was spurred by branch failure of the existing 80-year-old Coral trees. The University's concern for safety set an aggressive schedule to have design, costing and design review and approval of the Alumni Mall landscape completed in 2 weeks with installation completed in 1 week during spring break.

WHITIN DESIGN WORKS' Scope of Work included preparation of design alternatives, tree species research which included the requirement of a specific flowering period for the purposes of Commencement Ceremonies, immediate availability and project costing for the University management team and Construction Administration, plant tagging and installation observation. A comprehensive review of the existing site conditions (including underground and above ground utilities and pedestrian and vehicular use patterns) in relation to tree placement was undertaken. A double row of alternating shade and palm trees was installed which tripled the existing tree count. Class of 2011 enjoyed the newly renovated Mall in May, 2011.