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Crystal Cove California State Park
Orange County, California

Crystal Cove Historic District is a 12.3 acre coastal portion of the 2,800 acre Crystal Cove State Park. The federally listed Historic District is an enclave of 46 vintage rustic costal cottages originally built in the 1920s and 1930s at the mouth of Los Trancos Creek. It is one of the last remaining examples of early 20th century Southern California coastal development. California State Parks has completed Phase I of the renovation of the historic district, which provides cottages for visitor services, educational and community programs, a restaurant and overnight use by the public.

Cottage #22 is a Marine Research Facility of the University of California Irvine located within the Historic District. The structure, design and appearance of the cottage have been restored based on historic photographs while the cottage interior is modernized for scientific research by UCI marine biologists.

The landscape design process involved extensive archival research for historic photographs and publications in order to replicate original planting design and plant species. WHITIN DESIGN WORKS selected coastal zone plant species not requiring irrigation.