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Callison Architecture

The Al Nakheel Resort is an exclusive residential enclave located on the Arabian Gulf at the Gold Coast of Dubai. WHITIN DESIGN WORKS created the Master Landscape Plan and defined the Resort Character with Callison Architecture, Inc. and Fluor Daniels, the project engineers. The goal of the landscape design is to create an "oasis in the desert" by enveloping the residential clusters in landscape and water and providing waterfront views and access with private boat docks to every villa residence. A man-made Grand Canal 2 kilometers long is the centerpiece of the community. The Grand Canal is lined on both sides with public recreational landscapes. A formal "urban" park in a long arc that traverses one side of the canal, similar to a traditional European corniche, is complemented by a naturalistic park on the other side of the canal. Islands within the Grand Canal are botanical parks accessible by bridges and boats. The Garden Canal waterways connect the perimeter Boundary Canals to the Grand Canal, allowing uninterrupted water travel throughout the community.