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Rose Hills Memorial Park
Whittier, California

In a continuing effort to meet the changing cultural demographics of Rose Hills Memorial Park, WHITIN DESIGN WORKS provided a full scope of landscape architectural services for the development of Roseview Terrace, a 12 acre memorial burial garden for Asian families and Lakeview Terrace a 4 acre development.

The existing geography of the site has made Rose Hills the most sought-after location for Asian burials in the Western United States, attracting Asian immigrants as well as many other ethnicities. The spectacular northwest sloping hillside overlooking the Los Angeles basin, the Pacific Ocean and San Gabriel Mountains provides a uniquely auspicious orientation for burial sites. Prior to beginning the project, a Feng-Shui master was consulted to determine the most favorable orientation of the terraced, hillside projects. Roseview and Lakeview Terraces feature a series Bouquet Canyon Stone retaining walls, a water ‘staircase’, memorial burners, a granite rock garden, lawns, formal tree planting, California native shrub and groundcover. The project includes a range of memorialization options, including the standard burial, cremation, and custom designed semi-private and private estates. The estate prototype was developed by WHITIN DESIGN WORKS in collaboration with the Rose Hills Marketing team and individual families to create a unique wall and planting configurations for each buyer. The estate is now a top selling product that has created a new revenue stream for Rose Hills.