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Service Corporation International
Whittier, California

Guided by the Master Plan for the 21st Century for Sycamore Valley at Rose Hills Cemetery, WHITIN DESIGN WORKS led the consultant team through Schematic Design of a 40 acre parcel which includes the 2nd of four lakes outlined in the Master Plan. The largest of the four lakes, Valley Lake, is in the heart of the Sycamore Valley development and is designed to be a destination for patrons as well as draw community members from greater Los Angeles County.

WHITIN DESIGN WORKS collaborated with "Green" Architects from Virginia on creating an iconic 3,000 crypt Mausoleum which is set within the sloped terrain and anchors the eastern edge of the lake. A vehicular and pedestrian bridge links the existing park to a future chapel and developments. Walking paths with seating alcoves and large sycamore and shade trees surround the 4.5 acre lake allowing for peaceful strolls and contemplation. A large 75' high geyser and private island accessed by a foot bridge are additional features of Valley Lake development.