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Consulting Landscape Architect since 2005
Anaheim, California

WHITIN DESIGN WORKS is the consulting Landscape Architect for the City of Anaheim Redevelopment Agency. Working closely with Redevelopment Agency staff, WHITIN DESIGN WORKS provides a broad array of services including review of proposed development projects for conformance to developer/agency redevelopment agreements, preparation of project design and construction documents for specific redevelopment sites and attendance at community workshops. Consulting services are provided for commercial, historic preservation, residential, recreation and urban mixed use projects.

Particular attention is paid to implementing traffic calming techniques and the street tree program as the basis for the new pedestrian downtown.

The Principal of WHITIN DESIGN WORKS has worked in Anaheim for 15 years on public agency and private development teams preparing the Anaheim/Disneyland Resort urban design standards and design details for the 1,100 acre resort area, the Anaheim Resort Specific Plan, the Anaheim Art Plan and Anaheim Redevelopment Master Landscape Plans.