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Hyatt Development Corporation
Indian Wells, Calfiornia

Located at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in the Coachella Valley, the Grand Champions Resort creates a desert landscape setting for active pool uses during the day and a tranquil setting for evening conversation and stargazing. The renovation was designed as a series of intimate spaces providing privacy for resort guests and capable of accommodating multiple outdoor functions. The design is inspired by the local California Palm canyons and the original native culture of the Coachella Valley.

250 California Fan Palms were transplanted to create the Childrens' Palm Canyon. A circle of Date Palms, Mesquites, Palo Verde trees, succulents and desert perennials reflect the desert location and provide a shady environment for the main pools, pool decks and renovated pool bar. The water play area, including a water slide, interactive water jets in patterned paving, a lizard climbing sculpture and wading pool, is set within the active palm "canyon", grasses and boulders. Other sculpted pieces are giant water jugs, oversized, patterned woven baskets and small bronze figures of native Indian women and children at the granite boulder fountain.